Board of Trustees

SouthEastern's Board of Trustees consists of eleven Trustees who must permanently reside within one of the Cooperative's eleven Districts. It is the Board's responsibility to establish the policies that govern how your Cooperative will be operated; however, the President/CEO, who is the Board's only employee, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Cooperative, including the hiring of all other SouthEastern employees. Each Trustee is elected for a 3-year term and three to four Trustees are eligible for re-election at each Annual Meeting. Prior to its August Annual Meeting, the Cooperative's Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing a Nominating Committee consisting of between 5 and 11 members who then nominate candidates for expiring terms. At least twenty days prior to the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee Chairman will post a list of nominations for Trustees to be elected, listing them separately by District. In addition, the Cooperative's Bylaws provide for nomination by petition process prior to the Annual Meeting.

Joseph Marlo, CCD, BL

District 6

Victor G. Knight, CCD, BL

District 3

Tim Spivey, CCD

Board Chair - District 10

H. J. (Jackson) Logsdon Jr., CCD, BL

District 8

Pamela D Bramlet, CCD

Board Vice Chair - District 7

Shane Croslin

District 2

Gary Hise, CCD, BL

District 11

Jamie Scherrer, CCD, BL

District 5

Richard Rister, CCD, BL

District 4

Robert Tiberend, CCD, BL

District 1

Dale Schierbaum, CCD, BL

Secretary Treasurer - District 9