November 2014

Dustin Tripp


SmartHub is the name of the new communications tool that was implemented earlier this year for member’s use, providing more information than ever before on your computer, smart phone or tablet.  SmartHub allows quick and easy access to perform functions including view your bill, pay your bill, schedule a future payment, review past payments, receive bill reminders, update your account and view daily and monthly electric use.

The SmartHub site can be accessed from your Cooperative’s website at  After you click on the link for SmartHub, you will see an introduction to SmartHub explaining what members can do thru the system.  Once you enter SmartHub, you will need to register and set up a secure password.  Members that have already been registered for our previous e-bill site will use the same sign on information as before.

We’re also offering a free SmartHub app, which can be downloaded for Apple® and Android® mobile devices.  Just click on the link to the Apple Store or the Android Market to begin this process or search for SmartHub at either location.  After downloading the app on your mobile device or tablet, the installation will prompt you to find your electric cooperative.  You can type in “SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative” or just search through the list to find it.  Once you have registered and loaded the app, the SmartHub button will allow quick access to your account.  You can also set up features like notifications to receive alerts when your monthly bill is available, when an automatic payment has been made, and more.

The Cooperative introduced SmartHub in January of this year and members are definitely using SmartHub as evidenced by the number of payments received thru this program on a monthly basis.  In the past month, the Cooperative received over 3,200 bill payments thru SmartHub and over 400 of these payments were made using the SmartHub app for mobile devices.

SmartHub also allows your Cooperative to provide you with innovative solutions that assist you in analyzing your energy consumption.  You can view graphs of monthly and even daily energy use for your account.  This can help you evaluate your consumption patterns, compare energy use between different periods, understand your energy consumption and possibly learn ways to use your energy more efficiently.

The year 2014 can certainly be considered abnormal in terms of temperatures and resulting energy consumption patterns for residential accounts.  The extreme cold weather experienced in January, February and March proved to be the coldest in 31 years of record and resulted in higher than average residential energy consumption during these winter months.   The mild temperatures experienced in June, July and August resulted in lower than average residential energy consumption for these summer months.  Given that winter is almost here, consider utilizing SmartHub and learn more about your energy consumption patterns, how weather impacts the amount of energy consumed and how you might benefit from implementing a variety of energy efficiency measures.

SmartHub is a tremendous tool that provides members with many new features.  We hope you will give it a try and enjoy the convenience and innovation that it brings.


See you next month and as always, "We'll keep the lights on for you."