June 2016

Dustin Tripp


Your Cooperative is pleased to announce that the new headquarters facility is nearing completion and your Cooperative will begin operations from the new facility in early July 2016.  This article provides a brief history of your Cooperative’s headquarters, a brief summary of the numerous benefits of the new facility and informs members about the Cooperative’s transition to the new facility.

Many of you may know that the Cooperative was formed in 1938 and started with a one room office in the Harrisburg City Hall.  As the cooperative continued to grow, it expanded to three rooms before moving in 1946 to a renovated building located in Harrisburg.  In 1951, the cooperative board and staff began seeking a site for a new headquarters facility.  In 1953, the cooperative employees moved into a facility that was constructed on the southeast side of Eldorado which is where we have been for the past 63 years.

SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative has grown significantly over its history and currently delivers energy to over 24,000 accounts in ten counties of southeastern Illinois.  In the year 2014 and again in 2015, your Cooperative achieved yet another milestone by delivering over 1 billion kilowatt-hours to Cooperative members.  To put this into perspective, our electric cooperative delivers more energy than any of the other 24 electric cooperatives in Illinois.  In fact, SouthEastern delivers almost 50% more energy on an annual basis than the second largest Cooperative in Illinois.

There’s no question that over the Cooperative’s history, time and technology has certainly changed the way we build, maintain and operate our distribution systems and the way we provide service to the membership.  Technology has brought about changes in the vehicles that we operate, the equipment we use and the technological systems we deploy.  All of this has certainly changed the infrastructure needs of the Cooperative. 

As you know, your Cooperative began the construction of a new headquarters facility in July 2015 to address the lack of headquarters facility size, space, security, functionality, efficiency and numerous other issues.  The headquarters facility is being constructed on a site that is located six miles west of Harrisburg along the south side of Illinois Highway 13.  This site offers many advantages including being more centrally located geographically and by member population.  In fact, the member population center is located only 3 miles southwest of this site.

This new facility will fulfill the numerous needs that the Cooperative has been experiencing for years in the current facility and provide the much needed space and functionality for years to come.  This new facility will improve member access by being more centrally located to our service territory, more convenient member parking and entrance capabilities, more member convenience including drive thru facilities and better member privacy.  This new facility will provide a new level of security for employees, members and cooperative Equipment.  The security measures include a 24/7 gated access, access to the facility only by authorized personnel and advanced security measures in the lobby.  This new facility will provide a hardened space for employees and critical technology equipment.  This new facility will provide the much needed enclosed vehicle storage and warehouse space for all Cooperative vehicles and equipment.  This new facility includes a vehicle maintenance facility and wash bay.  This new facility will improve efficiencies through improved interaction of employees, additional training space for employees and overall better usability of the facility.  This new facility will incorporate better construction methods and equipment technologies to improve energy efficiency.  This is only part of the needs and improvements that will be fulfilled in this new facility.

All of the employees that currently operate in the Eldorado and Marion facilities will be combined in the new headquarters facility and the Cooperative is selling the existing Eldorado and Marion facilities.

Your Cooperative is very excited about this new headquarters facility and how it will help in continuing to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service to Cooperative members now and for many decades to come.  The current plan is to transition our operations to the new facility in early July.  We look forward to seeing you there.

See you next month and as always, "We'll keep the lights on for you."