June 2013

Dustin TrippWebsite

 SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative (SEIEC) is proud to announce the launch of its new website and Facebook page.  SEIEC has taken advantage of leading trends in design and technology for its new website and created a number of new applications to improve member information, navigation and satisfaction.  The new website can be viewed at which also includes a link to the new Facebook page.

The new website was created using responsive web design technology that will detect the type of device members are using to view the site such as an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Kindle, desktop/laptop computer, etc. and automatically change the configuration of information for optimal viewing, reading and navigation while minimizing the amount of resizing, panning and scrolling.

The new website was created with a new look and design to provide members with the ability to quickly access the information they are looking for including one touch controls that allow members to apply for service, view a map of outages, sign up for email alerts, pay their bill, connect to Facebook, etc. The new website also contains six primary column headings that provide members with a tremendous amount of information pertaining to their Cooperative.

The “Manage Account” column includes a variety of options including information to apply for a new service or security light, disconnect service, report outages, payment options, capital credits, unclaimed capital credits and wiring specifications.

The “Member Services” column includes options to view information pertaining to water heaters, geothermal and air source heat pump rebates, scholarship opportunities, Youth To Washington Tours, school grants, swap a tree program and Air Evac membership.

The “News Center” column was designed to provide members with news information including press releases, regulatory updates and legislative updates.

The “About Us” column provides information pertaining to your Cooperatives Board of Trustees, management team, mission statement, service territory, power supplier, Touchstone Energy and employment opportunities.

The “Energy Efficiency” column provides members with information to help use energy more efficiently and conserve energy where possible.

The “Safety” column provides members with helpful information to promote safety including backup generators, outage restoration, JULIE locates and other information.

As you can see the new website contains a tremendous amount of information regarding your Electric Cooperative and the new design should allow you the ability to access the information faster, easier and more efficiently. The goal of the new website was to provide members with new applications and improve member information, navigation and satisfaction.

Please visit our new website and Facebook page and don’t forget to “like us” on Facebook to receive updates.