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Dustin Tripp75th Annual Meeting of Members Report

SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative held its' 75th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 with approximately 1,355 members registered and approximately 2,000 in total attendance.  This year marks your Cooperative’s 75th Anniversary and members celebrated this historic milestone.  For those of you who were unable to attend your Cooperative's annual meeting, this article will summarize the activities and reports members received at the annual meeting.

Members attending the Annual Meeting received attendance gifts consisting of a 75th Anniversary blanket, a $15 bill credit and a 75th Anniversary booklet that contained facts about your Cooperative’s history and recipes that were published in the Illinois Country Living throughout the years.  Members were able to meet with various vendors, enjoy bucket truck rides and entertainment provided by The Bankesters.

Dustin TrippPossible EPA Changes for Coal

Southern Illinois is rich in coal deposits, and coal-fired generation plants are the primary source of electric generation in the Midwest.  In fact coal-fired generation provided approximately 37% of the nation’s electricity in 2012 making coal the most common source of fuel for electricity generation in the United States.  To put this into perspective, all of the wind and solar renewable energy generation that you may have seen scattered across the United States provided only 5.4% of the nation’s electricity in 2012.

In a speech on June 25, 2012, President Obama announced a broad new federal mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electric power plants.  The President will direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set carbon emissions standards for both new and existing power plants.

Dustin TrippAnnual Meeting

SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative is very pleased to announce that it will be celebrating 75 years of service at the upcoming Annual Member's Meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at the Little Chapel Church (located approximately 3 ½ miles north of Harrisburg on Route 34). 

Entertainment and registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the business session begins at 7:00 p.m. During the business session, members will learn about the Cooperative's past year of operation and the ways your Cooperative is working to improve the service provided while keeping rates as competitive as possible. In addition, they will be able to participate in the process of selecting four individuals to serve on the Cooperative's Board of Trustees.

Dustin TrippWebsite

 SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative (SEIEC) is proud to announce the launch of its new website and Facebook page.  SEIEC has taken advantage of leading trends in design and technology for its new website and created a number of new applications to improve member information, navigation and satisfaction.  The new website can be viewed at which also includes a link to the new Facebook page.

The new website was created using responsive web design technology that will detect the type of device members are using to view the site such as an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Kindle, desktop/laptop computer, etc. and automatically change the configuration of information for optimal viewing, reading and navigation while minimizing the amount of resizing, panning and scrolling.

Dustin Tripp

Grants & Scholarships


SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative is very proud to be one of a number of businesses in our area that remain locally owned, locally governed and locally operated for the past 75 years in Southern Illinois. Our Cooperative embraces improving the quality of life in the communities that it serves. Your Cooperative remains committed to its communities and the following is just a few examples of how your electric cooperative is striving to make a difference right here in Southern Illinois.

Your Cooperative coordinates an education grant program known as the Touchstone Energy Classroom Empowerment Grant. Your Cooperative offers a total of $4,600 in grants to fund innovative, unfunded projects or materials. Qualifying projects are those that improve the learning environment or increase educational resources for the school and the students. Every year, your cooperative sends grant applications to all of the schools in the 10 county service area and assists school administrators in applying for these grants. For the 2012-2013 school year SEIEC awarded Denning Elementary in West Frankfort, Eldorado Middle School, Gallatin County High School, Marion Junior High School and Massac County Middle School with Touchstone Energy Classroom Empowerment Grants.

Bill Pay OptionsDustin Tripp

The digital age of communication and automation has provided some opportunities for all of us to simplify some of the routine and ordinary tasks that we perform on a monthly basis.  One example of this is the various methods that are available for members to pay their monthly electric bill.  Your Cooperative offers a variety of options that you can select that best suits your preferences, lifestyle and your needs.  In this article, I would like to briefly explain the various options that are available for members to pay their bill. 

SEIEC offers an automated payment plan that automatically draws the necessary funds from your checking or savings account to pay your monthly electric bill.  With this option, you will still receive a statement in the mail that is virtually identical to the invoice you receive now but the funds necessary to pay the total amount due will automatically be withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the due date.  Please contact the office if you would like an enrollment form for this option.